General Information for Single Family Residents

Garbage, Compost & Recycling Carts
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CartSMART Program:
Weekly Pick Up Service

The same day, every week.
Curbside Cart Placement
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Cart Set Out and Storage

Cart Street Placement Guide
Proper Cart Set Out

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In addition to being placed in the street for service, remember to please space your carts out, approximately 2 feet between the carts.

Please make sure the lids of your carts are closed for service to prevent material from falling out as they are being emptied.

Remember that the carts need to be put away/stored out of sight after being serviced. Many communities have ordinances requiring that carts be put away out of sight, or residents may be fined.

Recology San Mateo County is proud to offer CartSMART:
A weekly collection service based on three different carts, picked up on the same day, every week.

Recycle Cart:
You can conveniently place all your recyclables into one wheeled blue cart - no sorting! With single-stream recycling, you can mix your newspaper, junk mail, magazines, office paper, milk and juice cartons and cardboard with your plastic, aluminum and glass containers.

Compost Cart:
With Recology's composting program, you can put food scraps and food - and beverage soiled paper products in with your yard trimmings. All your leftovers, meat, poultry, fish and bones, dairy, breads, pastas, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and pizza boxes, paper plates, napkins and cups will be composted instead of thrown away.

Garbage Cart:
Anything that doesn't go in the Recycle or Compost Carts will go in this cart. Remember, everything that you place in the Garbage cart goes directly into the landfill.

Kitchen Pail:
Kitchen Pail Recology has provided a new 2-gallon kitchen pail for in-home use. The pail is a clean and convenient way to collect food scraps and leftovers until you are ready to empty it into the larger green Compost cart. Sturdy and designed to fit in just about any small space, there's a secure handle and a lid that locks in to easily close and stay closed.

Need a kitchen pail? Contact us.

Special Handling Service Exemption Application
Recology San Mateo County's Special Handling collection provides a special service at no additional cost to residents who are physically unable to place their Recycle, Compost and Garbage carts curbside or roadside for collection.

View the Special Handling Application requirements.

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Printable Materials

These handy cards are full of useful information about our programs and came attached to your new black Garbage cart. You can use this PDF to reprint them.

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CartSMART Program: Weekly Pick Up Service

The same day, every week.

Collection services provided by Recology will utilize fully automated collection vehicles that operate a mechanical arm to lift the carts, making service faster and more efficient. To help us better serve you, we ask that you follow these guidelines.

Cart Placement When you set your carts out for service, place them curbside in the street, with the wheels against the curb and the arrows on the lid pointed toward the street. If you live on a street without a curb, place them roadside. Place each cart 24 inches, or 2 feet apart, all facing the same direction.

Recology San Mateo County is excited to provide a better way of providing your recycle, compost and garbage services. Our programs have been designed to make things easier for you and healthier for everyone's environment. We hope they encourage you to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

And remember: all three carts are picked up on the same day, every week!

If you have any questions about cart delivery, please contact us.

Still have questions?

Please see our FAQ page for answers!

Language Assistance:
We offer a free Language Line with over 170 different languages through our Customer Service Department. Please contact us for more information.

You can also visit RecycleWorks of San Mateo County for general recycling and waste reduction information.

Recology San Mateo County provides recycling, compost and garbage collection services to the 12 Member Agencies in the RethinkWaste service area.
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